Develop children through musicDevelop children through music
Gain new skills to stimulate kids development with musical activitiesGain new skills to stimulate kids development with musical activities
Pomelody Masterclass
You already know the power of music. You’ve discovered the great influence it has in your work with kids? You’ve always felt it - now name it! With Masterclass training, develop your skills, gain professional knowledge and tools to help you earn on your passion.
Check how much you can earn
$ 100 000
Improve as atrainerYou'll be amazed to see how much you've improved from using Pomelody's practical knowledge, case examples and the great tips we have for you.
Learn from expertsCapitalize on our use of experienced musicians, educators and music composers with broad, international experience from working as a music trainer.
Get ready solutionsTogether with numerous materials and resources, you’ll receive ready plans to make it easier to apply music education in your work environment.
Masterclass agenda


Learn about the musical development of children, talent and musical predispositions

How to create a rich musical environment in order to support child development

What musical talent is

Basic tools needed for the process of creating music


The ability to use your body and voice well and expressively without exhausting yourself and how not to prevent kids growth through free play with music

Improve your ability to express yourself

Ideas for various musical games, songs aiding development, the creative use of props and everyday objects

A set of ready-made tools (songs, games, scenarios) in the form of a Pomelody program/app. Beneficial for parents, grandparents, tutors, teachers, babysitters, Pomelody trainers or anyone working with kids

The ability to work and be effective with a mixed age group while also giving them freedom to learn as they wish

The ability to find inspiration from the world around you


How to reach customers without having to pay money. The most effective solutions and tools.

Creating a brand image that will make your offer stand out on the market.

Building long-term relationships with clients so that they become ambassadors of your brand.

Using social media to promote the brand and reach specific target groups. Good advertising practices.

Anna Weber

Is a music composer and a licensed children’s music educator for nearly 10 years. Anna is a master music teacher specializing in methodologies including Dalcroze’s, Kodaly’s, Orff’s and Gordon’s.

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