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Great entertainment andmusic education for kids.Great entertainment and music education for kids.
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Pomelody will let you experience music classes wherever you are. Play a video and just follow the teacher, kids and their caregivers with the activities they do and lyrics they sing. Every quarter there will be new set of classes released. Each class is 30 minutes long.


Our collection of songs are composed by a professional composer with experience in early music education and performed by artists. The songs present a wide array of sound with tonal and rhythmic variety and distinct musical contrasts.


Simply enjoy beautiful imagery and extraordinary narration presented in the animated stories. Our carefully crafted audio stories will let kids taste the variety of sounds emitted from diverse orchestra instruments that accompany the story's plot.


Short animated lectures present easy to understand music theory for parents. They were created to let you comprehend how Pomelody's content influences kid’s development and how you can actively support it to spark their potential.

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Use what you as a parent, know your kid loves. In Pomelody you'll be able to easily create a set with your kid's favourite content. It will save you time - you'll be ready to quickly play your "best of the best" at any moment.


Routines are naturally composed in our daily life. Play time, sleep time and quiet time - Pomelody will assist you with them all. Create customized playlists that will help you energize your kids, keep them calm or simply help them sleep when needed.


Our application will guide you step by step in ways to stimulate your kids through interacting with Pomelody’s content. We will also let you track your child’s development. All your efforts will be rewarded through achievements unlocking along side your progress.

QualityPiece of art

Pomelody was created by artists. Every piece of content in this application was designed with fineness, letting you expreience an artistic feast. You'll be amazed by the unique arrangement of songs and artistic interpretations presented in the animated stories.

Every week new:classessongsanimated storiesanimated lecturesaudio stories
Try it freeTRY IT FOR FREE7 days free$9.90 after
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