WHY POMELODYEvery kid has a talent
Share moments. Share love.

Nothing will bring you closer to your kids than the time spent together, filled with geniue joy. Pomelody was designed to give you everything you need to easily create these special moments you want to share with your loved ones.

Music is kid's first language.

Children recognize sounds before they can understand words. Music is our first and most natural language. We'll guide you to use the power of music in stimulating kids' potential from their first days.

Easy & always fresh

Education, entertainment and great fun for the whole family is now just one click away. Anytime and anywhere you need. We won't let you get bored with our content - you'll be flooded with brand new classes and materials each week.

You grow, your kid growths

Parents are the best teachers their kids could dream of. To make sure you undestand how Pomelody boosts your child's development, we created animated lectures that will make you more aware of music theory in a very comprehensible form.

Because you care

You participate in classes, follow activities and listen to the songs together. It's pure pleasure for your kids, and you, equipped with knowledge from the animated lectures, observe the process of their development while efficiently supporting it.

Inspiration for everyday life

With Pomelody you get to know various activities, rhythmic and melodic games that you can use in everyday life. They will soothe and cheer your little one up when preparing a meal or waiting in line at the mall. It's easy way to avoid tantrums in public places!

Sound of joy. Effortlessly.

The love for quality music, practical musical skills and the basics of music theory become an integrated part of your life. Efortlessly. You couldn't dream of a better side effect when spending joyful, quality time with your family.

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